Award Scheme

Joey Scout Challenges

The Care and Share Challenge, Mob Buddy Challenge, Environment Challenge and Adventure Challenge are to be undertaken by the whole Mob together. The Promise Challenge is the major Challenge for the Joey Section and has some individual elements as well as activities to do as a Mob.

Care and Share Challenge
A month of activities are organised for the Mob, to assist the Joey Scouts to understand the concept of caring and sharing in the community.

Mob Buddy Challenge
Mobs visit each other, share activities and have great fun. There are three steps involved in participating in the Mob Buddy scheme, which aims at building a rapport and friendship between different Mobs.

Environment Challenge
Four simple environment tasks are to be undertaken by the whole Mob together. These tasks are aimed at developing an appreciation and respect for the natural environment and a sense of responsibility towards it.

Adventure Challenge
This challenge is designed to broaden each Joey Scout’s life experiences through visiting places the Mob would not usually visit. Some of the adventures the Mob could go on include a trip to the beach, waterway, zoo, museum, bushwalk, farm etc.

Promise Challenge
The aim of this Challenge is to allow older Joey Scouts to gain a greater understanding of the Promise and Law and to learn about our Founder, Lord Baden Powell (BP), and the history of Scouting. The Joey Scout Leader signs the record card as the components are completed. When all requirements have been met the Joey Scout Leader completes a Request for the Promise Challenge form and submits it to Branch Headquarters for the BC Joey Scout’s approval. The badge, certificate and letters to the Joey Scout and the Joey Scout Leader will then be issued to the Joey Scout Leader for presentation to the Joey Scout at an appropriate time