The main aim of Scouting is fun – lots of it! You'll gain new friends and get to experience things you've never dreamed of. At the same time you'll learn survival and leadership skills that will help you throughout your whole life. There's a lot more to Scouting than the local Scout Hall.  As well as ever popular camping, you can also have a go at abseiling... canoeing... steam railways... caving... rock climbing... flying... performing arts... to name just a few things! Being a member of the Scouts helps build your confidence and teamwork skills. Scouts can participate in a broad range of activities that most of the planet doesn't get the chance to experience. Would you be able to survive in the bush all by yourself? Scouting can teach you how.  Challenges that face Scout age youth include the transition from primary to secondary school and puberty.  Scouts help relieve the stress of these processes by providing a constant source of friends and support. A Scout is never alone.


Scouts offers a continuous cohesive program of age appropriate training from Joeys all the way through to Rovers with all sections dovetailing into each other through linking. You will become involved in your local community through events like ANZAC and Remembrance day, environmental activities such as tree plantings and Clean Up Australia day. Tired of playing the same meaningless video games all the time? Want to really achieve something? Come along! All sections offer try-before-you-buy style introductory nights where there is no cost and no obligation. Parent Helpers are always welcome.



All of our sections always welcome expressions of interest from youth (boys and girls) who wish to join our Scouting community or perhaps just want to find out more. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.